Aditi Bhowmick

Aditi Bhowmick

India Director

Development Data Lab

I currently serve as India Director at Development Data Lab, where I am building a gender-economics research agenda for South Asia (with colleagues), raising funds for our research and work with open data, and leading outreach and partnerships.

A few projects that I have bottom-lined since 2020 include – a large-scale study of in-group gender and religious bias in the Indian judiciary, development of the largest open-access judicial data platform and assembling excess mortality data that enabled our interdisciplinary paper estimating excess Covid mortality in India, in Science.

I am a June 2020 graduate of the School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Prior to graduate school, I worked on large-scale evaluations of education and early childhood development programs across Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu with J-PAL South Asia in India.

  • Development
  • Gender
  • Intergenerational Mobility
  • Open Data
  • MPA in Economics and Public Policy, 2020

    Princeton University

  • BA in Economics and Political Science, 2016

    Cornell University


(2022). English Proficiency, Gender and the Occupations of Childhood Immigrants in the US. Journal of Labor Research.

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(2022). COVID mortality in India: National survey data and health facility deaths. In Science.

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(2021). Big, Open Data for Development: A Vision for India. India Policy Forum.

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Working Papers

(2022). In-group bias in the Indian judiciary Evidence from 5 million criminal cases. Working Paper.

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